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Best Season for Teeth Whitening

It’s never a bad time to show the world your dazzling smile. But there may be certain parts of the year where you really wish you had great teeth. When work has slowed down, school is out, and wedding season is around the corner, you need to get your best picture-perfect self ready. That’s right; summer is coming and you deserve to look and feel great about the way you look. In other words, the best season for teeth whitening has arrived.

Best Season for Teeth Whitening

If you feel self-conscious because of the stains and discoloration on your teeth, now is the perfect time to visit your top Beverly Hills periodontist to find out firsthand why summer is the best season for teeth whitening.

Feel Bright Inside and Out

Summer is the brightest part of the year. With the clear sky and shining sun, you’ll want to share a little of that brightness as well. Teeth whitening can remove stains and blotches on your teeth, making them appear dazzling white once again. Years of eating dark-colored foods and drinking sugary drinks can contribute to stains on the surface level of your teeth, also known as the enamel. The teeth whitening process applies a bleaching agent and laser light to lift those stains right out of your mouth.

Show Off in the Sun

Your tooth stains may not be readily apparent. You won’t notice how visible the discoloration in your mouth is until you see yourself in a photograph, or compare your smile to an older photograph of yourself. Summer is the best time to hang out with your loved ones and show off the parts of yourself that you love the most.

Some stains are deeper than others. Many extrinsic stains, which could be the result of food, coffee, or smoking, can be removed with in-office teeth whitening. Otherwise, intrinsic stains caused by trauma and injury may require additional treatment.

Save Money – And Time

Getting your teeth whitened professionally can save you a lot of time and frustration so you can spend more time having fun this summer. While you may be tempted to try out some over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, you might find yourself disappointed after weeks of fruitless work. If you want to have a full mouth of pearly whites by the time summer comes around, you should visit a professional for a single whitening session.

Not to mention, after the fast and painless treatment, you will be given additional treatment solutions that you can continue to use at home to enhance your look. You should always consult with your dentist about teeth whitening before you try to purchase a product at the store.

Quick Summer Sessions Available

Summer is a busy time when it comes to having fun and socializing. You have a lot on your schedule, so you can’t spend your whole day sitting in the dentist’s chair. And with professional teeth whitening, you don’t have to! Most teeth whitening sessions take an hour or less.

The process includes a bleaching gel and a laser light that must remain on your teeth for 20 minutes at a time, about three times in a row. Afterward, you will be sent home with some instructions on easily maintaining your whitened teeth.

Enjoy a Bright and Healthy Summer!

Your whitened teeth will give you an immediate confidence boost that will make you excited about the summertime. Warm weather and fun opportunities stand around the corner. So now is the perfect time to invest in the simple and pain-free teeth whitening procedure at your local dental office. Visit Dr. Justin Raanan today and schedule an appointment for teeth whitening in Beverly Hills so you can look and feel like your best self in this new season!

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