Dangers of a Tooth Infection

If you have ever dealt with an infection before, then you know how uncomfortable it can feel. An untreated infection can cause great pain and swelling while spreading throughout the rest of your body. Your teeth are just as susceptible to infection as any other part of your body – in fact, your teeth are even more at risk. There are many dangers of a tooth infection that may indicate deeper oral health issues at play.

If you are dealing with an infection of the teeth or gums, you should seek treatment right away. Dr. Justin Raanan, one of your top periodontist Beverly Hills specialists, can warn you of the dangers of tooth infection – especially one left untreated.

Causes and Symptoms

What exactly causes a tooth infection? How do you know when an infection has started to develop?

An infection, also known in the dental world as a tooth abscess, forms when there is harmful bacteria in and around the teeth. This bacteria grows until it invades the innermost part of the tooth called the pulp. Once this part of the tooth has become infected, the infection will spread to the rest of your mouth. Lack of good dental hygiene, breathing out of the mouth for too long, and eating a high-sugar diet are the biggest contributors to the buildup of infectious bacteria.

The major symptoms of a tooth infection include:

  • Major toothache
  • Constant throbbing or aching pain that radiates outward to the jaw and ears
  • Face or cheek swelling
  • Swollen lymph nodes and tender tissues around the mouth and throat
  • Bad breath or foul-tasting fluid in the mouth
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Trouble breathing

It is important that you visit your periodontist, specialist, or emergency doctor when you start to experience any of the above symptoms of tooth infection. The worse the symptoms become, the more difficult it is to stop the spread of the infection.

Dangers of a Tooth Infection

Again, having an untreated infection is incredibly dangerous. Even if the abscess ruptures, the infection is still present in your mouth. Infection in any part of the body can be very dangerous as it runs the risk of getting into your bloodstream; infection in the blood can lead to sepsis, a life-threatening condition.

Overall, an infection will leave you with a weakened immune system, making it more difficult for you to overcome other illnesses and conditions in the future. The most important thing you can do for your oral health is to prevent infection and protect yourself against the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Preventing Tooth Infection

If you are worried about getting a tooth infection, there are several habits you can learn and lifestyle changes you can make to protect yourself from that risk. It is important that you keep up with good daily oral hygiene, making sure to brush and floss at least twice per day. You can also rinse your mouth with fluoridated water, and replace your toothbrush every few months.

You may also want to consider investing in a diet that does not rely too heavily on sugar, which too easily breaks down and infects the teeth. More importantly, you should keep up with your regularly scheduled dental appointments so you can stay invested in preventative dental care.

Fight Against Infection and Decay with Proper Oral Hygiene!

At the office of Dr. Justin Raanan, we offer dental services to help patients with all stages of oral health. If you have a tooth infection that has advanced to the entirety of your tooth, you may need a professional root canal Beverly Hills procedure. This is the best way to rid your body of infection and save your tooth at the same time. For more questions regarding tooth infections and best treatments, get in touch with our Beverly Hills team today!

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