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Habits that Damage Veneers

Do you struggle with blemishes, stains, cracks, or chips on your teeth? If so, you might feel too self-conscious to smile in public or even look at yourself in the mirror. You deserve to feel good inside and out, which is one of the many benefits porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills can give you. At the office of Dr. Raanan, we provide the opportunity of a quick and easy transformation with dental veneers. Now, let’s look at some habits that damage veneers.

Habits that Damage Veneers

These porcelain caps can give your mouth a whole new facade, but you must properly take care of them in order to maintain your favorite results. Make sure to learn about some of the habits that damage veneers and how to keep your dental appliances clean and perfect for many years to come.

Tooth Grinding

A lot of people grind their teeth without even realizing that they’re doing it. When this occurs, it can form a condition called bruxism, making it harder and harder to stop grinding the teeth. Whether you clench your teeth due to stress or anxiety, it could be causing some undue damage to your veneers. They may crack or break under this pressure just as your natural teeth do over time. You can avoid this by wearing prescribed nightguards while you sleep to prevent your teeth from gnashing on each other.

Improper Installation

Some dentists may not do a good job installing your porcelain veneers. The right dentist will attach veneers to your teeth that should remain there for the rest of your life. They should look, feel, and fit just like natural teeth; after a while, you shouldn’t even notice that they are there. If you have constant problems with your veneers, you may need to have them removed and redone.

Bad Oral Hygiene

Poor hygiene is the leading cause of suffering dental health after porcelain veneers. Although the veneers themselves cannot carry bacteria or suffer decay, they do not protect the natural teeth behind them from sustaining damage. It is still important to brush and floss your veneers every day so they can last a long time. If you suffer from cavities or tooth decay underneath the veneer, it may need to be removed.

Physical Trauma

If you are wearing porcelain veneers, you must be careful when engaging in physical activities. Any sort of damage or injury to your mouth could result in permanent damage to your veneers. Accidents are bound to happen, but make sure that you are not someone involved in full-contact sports before you invest in dental veneers. If you do play sports, make sure to wear a mouthguard or some sort of protection while you are engaged in physical activity.

Extreme Stress

There are always different outside factors that can determine the durability and reliability of your porcelain veneers. Unnatural causes of stress over time, including tooth clenching, nail-biting, and using your teeth as tools can really do damage to your cosmetic dental work. A good rule of thumb to think about is if you shouldn’t be eating or chewing it, then you shouldn’t put your teeth on it!

Get Fitted for the Best Dental Veneers Today

Dental veneers can cover up unsightly spots or cracks on the front of your teeth, and they can provide some protection against further damage. If you have sustained a serious injury or your mouth is too damaged for surface-level repair, you may need more than just dental veneers. Make an appointment with our dental implants specialist in Beverly Hills today to learn about your best dental care options. Enjoy a brand-new smile with dental veneers and implants that are built to last forever.

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