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Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

There is one reason why a celebrity’s smile really stands out in the crowd – and the camera. A straight, dazzling, white smile can make anybody look and feel amazing. That is why over 1 million American adults invest in braces each year. Advancements in orthodontics have made it easy to invest in fast and efficient tooth-straightening treatments. Let’s look at the health benefits of straight teeth.

Health Benefits of Straight Teeth

But a straight smile isn’t the only reason why it is a good idea to pursue orthodontics in Beverly Hills. There are many health benefits of straight teeth that can help you keep your entire jaw in alignment while eating and breathing easier. Below, you’ll find the best reasons to get braces no matter what age you are.

Healthy Teeth are Easier to Manage

Straighter teeth are a lot easier to brush thoroughly, and more manageable when trying to clean. When your teeth are misaligned, spread out, or too crowded, they can create nooks and crannies where no piece of floss can reach. You will find it so much easier to maintain the health of your teeth when they are all in alignment.

You’ll Reduce Head and Neck Pain

Did you know that misaligned teeth are one of the biggest contributors to consistent head and neck pain? If you are always feeling sore in the jaw, neck, or back of your head, it may be because your teeth are causing you strain. When you get them straightened, you are repositioning them into a much healthier spot.

Improve Your Speech Ability

Sometimes, a gap in the teeth or a serious misalignment can cause you to have a speech impediment. If your teeth are getting in the way of you being able to speak clearly, you may need to invest in orthodontics. Most patients have reported that one of the biggest benefits of braces was that their speech was improved drastically within just a few months.

Reduce the Risk of Breakage

Straight and healthy teeth are a lot less likely to deal with chips. When you fall in an accident and fall on your face, the last thing you want to happen is for your teeth to become damaged. Some cracks and chips cannot be repaired if they are big enough.

You can reduce the risk of cracks and breaks when you don’t have crooked teeth. Next time you fall, you will suffer less damage both outside and inside of your mouth.

Enjoy Better Digestion

Studies have shown that straight teeth can aid in better digestion. This is because the digestion process starts with the teeth. It is important to chew your food thoroughly before swallowing, as this can help your body later on. Not to mention, chewing better can speed up the whole digestion process overall. Straight teeth allow you to control your chewing.

Straight Teeth Give You Better Self-Confidence

If you are insecure about the state of your teeth, it will show in how you interact with others. It is hard to be confident when you have trouble looking in the mirror. Straight teeth can bring that inner confidence back out, helping you enjoy a new smile that you can share with the world. Too many people are suffering from dental health issues impacting their ability to feel good in life.

Find the Right Orthodontic Treatment for You!

If you have ever wondered whether the benefits of orthodontic treatments are right for you, consider making an appointment with the top periodontist in Beverly Hills. At the office of Dr. Justin Raanan, we offer top-of-the-line treatments and services to help you straighten your misaligned teeth. Having straight teeth isn’t the only reason why you can benefit from orthodontics; improve your physical and mental health when you treat yourself to the best orthodontic practices today.

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