Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Vaping is both a popular pastime and a controversial habit that many folks swear by. Others believe that it is no better than smoking, leading to a number of serious health repercussions and environmental concerns. One important question that our top periodontics care specialists want to answer is, is vaping bad for your teeth? This is a common concern that a lot of patients express feelings about before investing in cosmetic dentistry services.

Is Vaping Bad For Your Teeth?

Whether you are looking to whiten stained teeth or cover up a number of chips and cracks caused by bad habits, you can benefit greatly from expert dental care. Keep reading to learn more about vaping and why it may be a bad thing for your teeth.

About Vaping

If you haven’t heard about vaping before, you might be wondering what it even is and why it might be bad for your teeth. Vaping refers to the use of an e-cigarette or another vaporizer that takes tobacco and burns it as an oil, producing a flavorful vapor. The vapor is then inhaled by the smoker and the residual smoke is exhaled into the air. It does not create thick or toxic billows of smoke like regular smoking does, which is why many people believe vaping to be a healthier alternative to traditional tobacco use.

Is Vaping Bad for Your Health?

There are a few reasons to believe that vaping can contribute to a number of health concerns, especially when it comes to oral hygiene. Just like smoking, vaping can create dangers for the body that are often overlooked because vaping is seen as a cleaner, more responsible habit. Below, we will talk more about the side effects of vaping so you know exactly how you can take care of your teeth.

Vaping and Dental Health

There is a lot of evidence out there to support the fact that smoking cigarettes can seriously damage your teeth. Nicotine can stain the teeth, causing them to turn yellow or gray. This looks unsightly and can cause a huge dip in one’s self-esteem. Fortunately, common treatments are available such as veneers or teeth whitening to treat discoloration right away.

Other health effects of vaping are much more serious, however. While cigarette smokers have a 72.5% severity rate when it comes to the risk of developing periodontal disease. Those who vape suffer significantly fewer risks, coming in at just 42.5%. However, this is still high for a lot of folks when compared to the 28.2% that most non-smokers have. Gum disease is incredibly prevalent, but it is also avoidable. It is important to take proactive steps to prevent the spread of gum disease, which can develop into dangerous periodontitis.

Avoid Vaping and Gum Disease

Vaping has also been shown to be connected with restricted blood vessels and a weakened immune system, making it easier for infections of all types to spread through the body. While vaping itself does not directly cause gum disease, it can wear down the gums over time and make it difficult for the blood cells to deliver oxygen to where it needs to go. This may lead to respiratory issues and even cardiovascular disease.

It is important to get in touch with your trusted dental experts about taking care of your gums and teeth right away. Whether or not you are a consistent vape user, it is important to check up on the status of your health ASAP.

Treat Tooth Discoloration Today

If vaping has turned your teeth a bit yellow, don’t worry – our dental experts are here to help. With teeth whitening procedures in Beverly Hills, you can experience how easy it is to whiten your teeth without needing to have extensive dental work done. As long as you can stay away from the dangers of long-term vaping, you can take better steps to protecting your oral health.

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