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Today, our teeth are risk various conditions due to the lifestyle we live. Our teeth are highly influenced by the food and drinks we eat. Some foods and beverages have acids that cause the wearing of our teeth. Sometimes the damages may be curbed at an early stage, whereas, in other scenarios, the teeth may require a total makeover: our Beverly Hills full mouth reconstruction.

What is Full Mouth Reconstruction?

By the sound of the name, it may seem to be a very complicated procedure. However, full mouth reconstruction is among the many cosmetic dentistry procedures aiming at improving the function and form of the gum, teeth and the general mouth outlook. Full mouth reconstruction, restoration, and rehabilitation are a series of various procedures aimed at reclaiming and improving the look of your teeth. Full mouth reconstruction aims at repairing the damaged teeth, replacing the missing teethalign teeth, restore wholly worn out teeth also solve gum and jaw issues.

What to Expect

Due to the growth of technology, some medical procedures have become almost instant. Having mentioned that, full mouth reconstruction is a simple term for a series of dental procedures, some of the procedures involved are explained in simple terms as follows:

Same day treatment of teeth.

Especially for patients with missing teeth, cosmetic dentists may carry out dental implants on such patients in just a single visit. It means that the Dentist can restore your dental look the same day you visit them. For the same day dental implants to be successful, some tests are carried out to check your compatibility with the required conditions and criteria. The bone mass is checked to ascertain that it can firmly hold the dental implants. Collecting impressions of your teeth and some 3D scans is very necessary. It gives the dentists the definitions of your teeth before they construct prosthetic teeth for you. It ensures the success of the same-day process.

Full Arch Restoration

In cases where some teeth are failing due to concerns such as gum disease, full-arch restorations, like All-on-4 dental implants may apply. Dentists may recommend either dental bridges or dental crowns. This procedure’s primary goal is to restore functionality and aesthetics in a short period of time. Also, it aims at rebuilding the tissues lost. These failing teeth are solved by placing a new set of teeth, placing of 6-10 dental implants, removing the affected teeth, or finally placement of some prosthetic teeth temporarily.

Bone Reconstruction

Patients who suffer a loss in bone mass can be assisted through full mouth reconstruction. Bone grafting is carried out on a willing patient. For patients who don’t wish to undergo bone grafting, the dentists may give other recommendations. Bone grafting is made a success by using tissues harvested from the patient’s mouth. After bone grafting, the dental implant procedure is carried out on areas with missing teeth after which temporary replacements of teeth are done. Finally, ceramic teeth are placed.

Below is how the process begins:

Once you visit us for your full mouth reconstruction Beverly Hills periodontist and cosmetic dentistry specialist, Dr. Justin Raanan, will go over the issues you have with your teeth and mouth. He will have to verify the symptoms with you, explain them, and work with you to determine the best procedures to reach your goals. To determine the best treatment for you, your dentist will professionally examine the following:

1. Teeth: Your teeth are usually among the leading cause of your visit to the dentist. The condition of some or all of your teeth is what dictates the restorative procedure for you. The condition of your teeth will determine which among the following is perfect for you: Full-coverage crowns, Porcelain veneers, onlays or inlays, dental implants or dental bridges. Your dentist will specifically focus on tooth decay, cavities, tooth wear, teeth cracks, long or short teeth, teeth firmness and root canal concerns.

2. Gum Health: If you have gum issues, our Beverly Hills periodondist may recommend root planning and scaling to deal with the periodontal disease. In some instances, they may also recommend even more intensive techniques to make sure that a solid foundation is created for tooth reconstruction. Some of the intensive methods may involve bone grafting to help build up the jaw bone. For the above treatments, your dentist will look for any deep gum pockets, periodontal disease, insufficient or excess gum tissue, and bone mass irregularities.

3. Aesthetics: In full mouth reconstruction, your dentist also looks at the appearance of your teeth and general dental situation. The shape, size, proportion of teeth, and color are significant factors your dentist will be keen to examine. They dictate what full mouth reconstruction/restoration you require to solve your issues.

4. Occlusion and Jaw Muscles: You should be able to chew your food without it causing you pain. It is also very crucial for your general oral health. When your dentist is examining you for this, he/she may have to look into occlusal changes that may need alternative help such as orthodontics. It is necessary before your dentist carries out any rehabilitative procedures on you.

Photographs and X-rays are very crucial in the examination process for accurate examination results. The dentist may also use his skills to figure out some issues, while in some other cases, they may refer you an orthodontist, periodontist, or oral surgeon. This is a time when your problem is beyond dental concerns. It will help the dentist have some excellent examination results to create your dental treatment plan.

After examination results are complete, the dentist develops a treatment plan for you and will go over the details. He/she is supposed to discuss the examination results concerning his/her recommendation on treating it. This ensures you know in details, benefits, costs, and side effects of the recommended procedure or procedures. At times you may opt to seek a second medical opinion from a different but trusted dentist.

What are the procedures?

Full mouth reconstruction procedures are many. Each has a dental issue it seeks to resolve. Some procedures may take only a day, while others may take you up to a year. The longer the treatment time, the more the cost to be incurred. Below are some of the procedures your dentist or other specialists involved may recommend:

1. Orthognathic Surgery – This surgery is meant to reposition your upper or lower jaw.

2. Orthodontics – This is the use of braces to pull teeth together in the most desired shape and alignment so that rehabilitation can be carried out.

3. Prophylactic cleaning of teeth and expert periodontal care.

4. Gum Contouring – To ensure balance and harmonize your smile.

5. Reduction/preparation of the teeth structure for veneers, bridges, or crowns to be placed.

6. Placing of temporary restorations for you to become used to your new teeth and using them to eat or bite.

7. Placing of permanent restorations for a new look. They involve; veneers, crowns, inlays or inlays, and bridges.

8. Dental Implants – To replace missing sets of teeth.

9. Tissue or/and Bone Grafting – To ensure your teeth are firm and stable.

Am I a Candidate?

Like any other illness, for a dentist to carry out full mouth reconstruction for you, you must have some teeth issues that have no other means of rectification other than reconstructive dentistry. Good candidates for full mouth reconstruction have one or all of the following teeth concerns;

Several chipped, broken or worn out teeth: This may be as a result of accidents that result in teeth breakage, fluids, and foods that are acidic and cause corrosion of the teeth enamel, and sugary food that may cause your teeth to have cavities and wear out slowly.

Several teeth missing: Often we have seen people with one or two teeth missing going to have them replaced. However, for people with almost half of their teeth missing, eating and speaking becomes an issue. For this reason, they can willingly become patients for our full mouth reconstruction in Beverly Hills. Missing teeth may be as a result of accidents or complete wearing out due to bacteria. Sometimes old age may result in complete tooth loss.

Very severe pain in the jaws: The teeth have their roots in the jaw bone. When you have cavities, gum disease, damaged teeth, tooth gaps, or abscesses, the jaw tends to be on a constant severe pain. To solve the issue, full mouth reconstruction can be used.

Benefits of Full Mouth Reconstruction

This dental procedure has been adopted and recommended by many because it has proved to be a worthwhile experience. Below are some of the benefits acheived with this dental procedure:

A boost of confidence and self-esteem.

It is not once or twice you have come across someone who isn’t able to laugh at your jokes or communicate openly due to their dental issues, especially discolored teeth, missing teeth or misalignment of teeth. For the elderly, it is not such a concern, but for the youthful, they tend to become too embarrassed or self-conscious to fully express themselves and lose confidence. Research has proven that women and men with such issues may find it hard to obtain a partner, as their smile is one of the first things noticed when meeting someone. To regain the self-esteem that comes with confidence, visit your dentist and let them advise you on the best full mouth reconstruction procedures for you.

Improves the quality of sleep.

If you have ever had a toothache, you can testify as to how painful it can be. This pain may cause you sleepless nights or keep waking you up. To solve this issue, a full mouth reconstruction can resolve the root cause of the issues.

Enhances concentration.

Painful teeth, jaw bones, or gums, can result in poor concentration in your day to day activities such as studying. You just aren’t really in any position to study under so much pain. Sometimes dental issues result in headaches, which are no fun. Your dentist is the best person to visit when you are undergoing any of the above dental concerns. He/she will be able to discover the cause and get you out of pain.

Prevents related diseases from cropping up.

Full mouth reconstruction is known for preventing diseases such as nerve issues. Most people who fear or refuse to consult a reputable dentist when they have a dental problem, end up suffering nerve issues. Constant pain makes the nerves become affected. When it gets to this point, it can be costly to treat. Consulting your dentist early prevents so much then you may think.

Full mouth reconstruction is a collection of various dental procedures that solves so many issues such as missing teeth, gingivitis, plaque, and periodontitis. Today it is one of the cosmetic procedures that many dentists are recommending to their patients.



The procedure is usually recommended to patients with severe dental issues such as teeth decay, missing teeth due to accidents or tooth decay, severly worn teeth, and other dental issues. Perfect candidates for the procedure are those that have jaw problems, issues with the root canal, gum diseases, etc. Your dentist will examine your oral health condition and come up with the perfect plan to treat you.

Clipped, worn out, missing and broken teeth are the first signs that you need full mouth reconstruction. A very severe toothache, teeth alignment, sore jaws, headaches, bad breath, and pain in the neck are also signs and symptoms you shouldn’t ignore. It would be best if you visited the dentist with no hesitation.

Dental issues are not comfortable. They will cause you pain and agony. Dental problems will deny you the confidence to interact with people. Most importantly, ignoring a dental concern may result in much more severe issues down the road. If you want a full, functioning smile, you should carry on with the full mouth reconstruction procedure

Full mouth reconstruction is a procedure that umbrellas several other procedures such as; root canal therapy, dental implants, fixed dentures, bridges, and crowns, dental veneers, teeth whitening and many other procedures. The procedures you undergo are treatment planned during your thorough examination and consultation.

Generally, the entire process is likely to take from two to four weeks; however, there are now new products available, which can assist in providing the result in a week. Your dentist and his/her team can go over the details with you. Ask them for more information and get an idea about the entire procedure before making a final decision.

The severity and number of dental issues that are found dictates the cost of full mouth reconstruction. Some procedures are more expensive than others. The length of treatment also dictates the price. However, your main aim should be getting your smile back and getting rid of the pain. Dental insurance may help you pay for some costs incurred during your full mouth reconstruction. For full mouth reconstruction, visit Dr. Raanan. He is well-trained and certified to carry out various full mouth reconstruction procedures. He has practiced for years, meaning he has helped so many dental patients reclaim their smiles. He has very affordable treatment packages that can help you get out of pain and regain your smile. Call us today!
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