Why Is Gum Health

A to Z: Periodontal Maintenance Beverly Hills

The success of any treatment starts with having a solid foundation; without the support of healthy gums, your teeth, and overall dental health can become compromised. Gum disease may occur when plaque is not removed through proper brushing and flossing. By just brushing alone, you can fail to remove plaque and bacteria that is found deep between your teeth and gums. The plaque and tartar, if left untreated, may eventually cause irreparable damage to your jawbone and support structures, and could eventually lead to tooth loss.

For our patients in Beverly Hills gum health starts with a thorough teeth cleaning that may require scaling to remove plaque and tartar deposits. Dr. Raanan believes that if surgery can be prevented for his patient, it is the best option. However, if surgery is necessary he requires his patients to receive a deep cleaning in order to control the disease and allow the gum tissue to heal to yield an optimal environment for surgery. This procedure can be done in one appointment, or multiple appointments depending on the amount of tartar buildup. During this phase, Dr. Raanan emphasizes the importance of educating his patients on oral hygiene techniques that will help maintain the treatment results for years to come. If you’re looking to achieve optimal gum health Beverly Hills periodontist, Dr. Justin Raanan, can offer the experience and skills needed to achieve this. CAll us today!

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