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The Holistic Approach
to Dentistry

Dr. Justin Raanan, is an esteemed periodontist with an expertise in restorative, periodontal care, and general dentistry, with an overall holistic approach that is applied to every procedure. Our Beverly Hills holistic dentistry represents a way of practicing dentistry that considers the whole person rather than focusing only on their teeth. For a holistic periodontist like Dr. Justin, that means considering how dental care impacts a person’s overall health and choosing dental treatments that are non-toxic and minimally invasive. Dr. Raanan takes his time educating each patient about dental health. He helps his patients understand that dental care does more than protect their teeth.

The holistic approach to oral hygiene has been verified by multiple scientific studies. Research has repeatedly shown that in order to take care of yourself as a whole, you must take care of your mouth. Dr. Justin and his talented team help patients achieve the smiles they deserve through restorative, periodontal, general, and cosmetic treatments. Dr. Raanan stays current with all the healthiest dental care methods. As a metal-free, holistic periodontal practice, we promote dental solutions that prioritizes your health first.

If you’re interested in finding out more about holistic dentistry Beverly Hills periodontist and holistic dentist, Dr. Justin Raanan, can answer any questions you have during your initial consultation. Give us a call today!

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