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5 Reasons People Need Tooth Extractions

A tooth extraction is only ever suggested as a last resort, and you might only need one in the event of a severe injury. Unfortunately, there are some situations in which a tooth extraction is warranted. You can invest in a number of preventative care treatments to avoid the need for a tooth extraction on your own. However, if you are in immediate need of a periodontal specialist for extreme tooth pain, you may be experiencing one of these top 5 reasons people need tooth extractions. Keep reading to stay informed about how to make the best choices for your oral health needs.

5 Reasons People Need Tooth Extractions

Physical Injury

Unfortunately, physical injuries and unexpected accidents happen all the time. Whether you play contact sports and got into a mild scuffle or suffered a larger injury that put your mouth in a world of hurt, it may be time to call up your emergency dentist. If your tooth cannot be saved or repaired, it may need to be extracted so the rest of your mouth doesn’t get infected.

Periodontitis (Gum Disease)

Gum disease develops in a series of stages, and earlier forms of the disease are much easier to treat. The first noticeable step in developing periodontitis is gingivitis, which can be marked by red and bleeding gums. If you have some pink in the sink every time you brush your teeth, you might be starting to experience its symptoms.

Without getting care, this can develop into gum disease, which leads to inflammation and rapidly-spreading decay. When this occurs, you may have to deal with a number of treatments to get your health back on track, including tooth extraction.


During an appointment with your dentist or orthodontist, you may hear that your teeth are overcrowded. This means that you have too many teeth sitting too close together in your mouth. And this causes them to be packed in. They will push and shove against each other over time. And that can prove quite painful as your mouth continues to be forcefully stretched. Your dentist may recommend removing one or two of your teeth to give all of your others some more breathing room.

Tooth Decay

Everybody has experienced the effects of tooth decay in their life, whether mild or extreme. Mild forms of decay show up as small cavities in a tooth, which can be scooped out and filled with a composite material to protect your tooth against further infection. However, unchecked decay will continue to spread throughout the teeth and the gums until more serious issues arise.

Undiagnosed tooth decay leads to gum disease, tooth infections, and, ultimately, tooth loss. If you cannot fix your decay through a filling or a root canal, you may have to get an extraction.

Impacted Teeth

Similar to overcrowding, your teeth can also erupt at the wrong angle, pushing against teeth that have already grown in. Perhaps you have teeth just below the gums that are starting to come out. But there might not remain any room for them to do so. Then you likely will experience a lot of soreness and pain. You can take care of this issue in a few different ways. And your dentist might advise that you remove a couple of existing teeth to make it easier on the rest of your mouth.

See Your Dental Specialist Today

You should visit your dentist at the first sign of infection or decay. Worried about the types of treatment you need? It may prove a good idea to stay in touch with a tooth extraction specialist. They will guide you through the process of having a tooth removed. Reach out to us to schedule a personal consultation and we will help you receive the care you need.

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