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Can Dental Veneers Fall Off?

There are many different ways that you can improve your smile and correct blemishes on your teeth. Some of the most affordable and effective treatments, like dental veneers, provide a protective covering over your real teeth while giving your mouth the appearance of a perfect white smile. But can dental veneers fall off?

Can Dental Veneers Fall Off?

Are veneers permanent? Can dental veneers fall off after a certain amount of time? Many cosmetic dentistry patients worry that these porcelain protectors are not worth the time and investment. But dental veneers are some of the most effective treatments in the industry, and they can keep your smile looking great for many years to come. Here is what your Beverly Hills periodontist wants you to know about the benefits and expectations of dental veneers.

About Dental Veneers

Dental veneers, or porcelain veneers, are thin sheets of porcelain that are molded to the shape and texture of your natural teeth. They are placed over the front of your teeth with a safe dental adhesive, providing a shield that masks the front of your mouth. Veneers can cover up any blemishes, jagged edges, cracks, or spots of discoloration that have always made you afraid to smile.

Veneer material is built to last, and it is made to look just like natural teeth. They are the perfect covers for any teeth that have undergone dental trauma or cosmetic damage.

Am I a Good Candidate for Dental Veneers?

This easy cosmetic procedure is a good option for those looking for a non-invasive fix to their appearance issues. If teeth are fractured or misshapen but otherwise healthy, veneers might be a good option for you.

If your teeth have sustained serious damage and are putting the rest of your mouth at risk, you are not a good candidate for dental veneers. Instead, it is important to speak with a restorative dentistry specialist so you can invest in the right treatment. Veneers are fit for those who want to cover up some unsightly blemishes and feel more confident in their smile.

Can Veneers Fall Off?

There is always a chance that veneers can fall off. While it usually doesn’t happen, your veneers risk damage depending on how well you have taken care of them. Like your regular teeth, veneers can fall out or get chipped.

Depending on the way they are built, veneers are long-lasting as long as you practice good dental hygiene. Other things like tooth grinding habits, eating hard foods, and ignoring daily brushing and flossing routines can put your veneers at risk of further damage.

What to Do When Veneers Break

What happens when your veneers fall off or become damaged due to a physical injury or poor dental habits? Well, you can seek treatment from your specialist just as you would with your real teeth. If you can, it is important to keep the veneers intact and clean. Then bring them with you to your next emergency dental appointment. You might feel embarrassed about the state of your teeth underneath the veneer. Which is why it is important to seek your dental specialist right away.

Maybe your dental veneer cannot be repaired. In this case, we have plenty of affordable and feasible veneer replacement procedures that can quickly cover up your teeth once again. You may feel temporary symptoms of sensitivity to hot and cold, which is a result of your teeth feeling vulnerable with the veneers gone. These symptoms should disappear once the proper veneers are replaced on top of your teeth.

Contact Your Dentist ASAP!

If you feel embarrassed about the yellow stains, deep cracks, or misshapen gaps in your teeth, you might be the perfect candidate for porcelain veneers in Beverly Hills. Visit Dr. Justin Raanan and make an appointment with your cosmetic dentistry specialist. You can learn more about the fastest, quickest, cheapest, and most painless procedures available to you today.

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