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Make These Hard To Reach Areas Of Your Mouth A Priority

Since we were kids, it was taught that caring for your mouth is extremely important. Not only does it help with the look of your smile, but also will mitigate any pain or discomfort. The problem is that we become complacent in our routines. If we start performing dental hygiene incorrectly, this will follow us until it creates irreparable damage. It’s important to have reminders, such as this, so that we do not fall prey to that complacency, and damage our mouths without even realizing it. From routine dental maintenance to cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Justin Raanan believes that everyone should have a smile that makes them feel confident, and that begins with proper care and hygiene. If you are looking for a periodontist in Beverly Hills, reach out to us today!

Why Teeth are Important

Besides the obvious answer of aesthetics and self-confidence, there are practical reasons for teeth as well. Teeth are integral to the one area of our body that allows easy communication. An injury or deformity to the mouth could make it harder to speak, which can be frustrating and embarrassing. Teeth also allow us to chew food, which is a necessity. Neglecting your teeth can lead to pain and discomfort, but it doesn’t stop at just your mouth. Gum diseases and tooth decay can affect other areas of your life because your mouth and teeth play an important role in your daily routine.

The Most Commonly Neglected Areas

No matter the length or frequency of dental care, if you are neglecting areas of your mouth, there will be consequences. One of the most commonly neglected areas during dental hygiene is behind the teeth. The mirror usually determines what areas of our teeth get more attention; we tend to focus on only the areas that are in our direct vision. This a temptation to focus only on the front side of your teeth; however, the back of the teeth need just as much love. Remind yourself to spend as much time brushing the back of your teeth as you do your front, and commit it to your daily routine.

This same thought process is the reason for neglecting the molars too. Because they are harder to reach, and you cannot see them in the mirror, we may brush over them quickly, but they need more than a passing a glance to stay healthy. Also, the gum lines are very important to clean properly because of gum disease. Be sure to use circular motions over the top portion of your teeth to reach buildup on your gums. Using mouthwash can also be beneficial to get rid of any plaque in hard to reach places.

Finally, flossing will help reach between the teeth, which a standard toothbrush cannot reach on its own. You need to use all the tools at your disposal to make sure your teeth stay healthy. To learn more healthy mouth habits from your periodontist in Beverly Hills, visit Dr. Justin Raanan.

The Consequences of Not Making These Areas a Priority

The two major problems that you will face if you neglect areas of your mouth are tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Tooth Decay – you brush and floss your teeth to stop plaque from building up. If plaque is left unattended, it will become acidic and start chipping away at the hard, outer coating of your teeth, which is called enamel. Once the enamel is eroded, there is no way to get the tooth back to its former strength. This is why dentists must fill cavities. It’s important to be preventative because once the plaque destroys your teeth, it is timely and potentially costly to fix it.
  • Gum Disease – this problem also stems from letting plaque build up. The gum line is just as susceptible to the acids of plaque as your teeth are. This can make your teeth sensitive, and talking or chewing food painful.

Periodontist in Beverly Hills

Neglecting any area of your mouth is going to cause problems that could be easily avoided. The amount of money, pain, and time it requires to fix these problems are not worth a few minutes twice a day it takes to prevent it. The knowledge on how to protect your teeth is available to everyone, and Dr. Justin Raanan wants to make sure that you utilize it.

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