Managing Root Canal Anxiety

Just hearing the word “root canal” can evoke images of fear, discomfort, and even trauma in patients who have never undergone such a procedure before. The media is partially to blame as people depict root canals as some sort of medieval torture experience. Modern endodontics gets a bad rap, but dentists want to teach people about managing root canal anxiety.

Managing Root Canal Anxiety

In reality, the procedure is not too intense and it can be done quickly in a single office visit. Most patients do not report feeling any pain during the procedure, and recovery is quite quick. Let’s talk about some of the most productive ways to manage your fears before you get a root canal in Beverly Hills and feel more comfortable with the idea of this important dental treatment.

Step 1: Know What to Expect

The biggest reason why people feel afraid of root canals is that they have been fed a lot of misinformation and have no idea what the real procedure is all about. Once you are more comfortable knowing what to expect in the procedure, you are likely to be a little less scared.

The most important thing you should know is that you will not have to expect pain during the experience. The dentist will properly numb the area before working on your teeth, and you won’t feel a thing. You might feel a little sensitive once the numbness wears off, but you shouldn’t be in pain or discomfort for too long at all.

Step 2: Get Rid of Negative Symptoms

Rest assured that a root canal procedure is designed to make you feel better, not worse. Most of the biggest signs and symptoms of a tooth infection include pain, swelling, bone deterioration, and possibly even an abscess in your mouth. A root canal gets rid of the swollen and infected pulp, which instantly relieves you of your symptoms. After the procedure, you can enjoy a short recovery time and your teeth will feel better than ever.

Step 3: Speak With Your Dentist

All dental insecurities are valid, and it’s a good idea to communicate with your dentist about your fears before you go ahead with the procedure. There are a lot of reasons why you may be feeling anxiety about your procedure, from worries about the cost of the root canal to a fear of needles that just can’t be suppressed. Our dental experts will help you take your mind off your worries while reassuring you that the entire process will not be too bad at all.

Step 4: Practice Mindfulness

You can do some things at home to prepare yourself mentally for this procedure. A lot of patients like to practice mindfulness techniques to keep their minds and bodies calm. Meditation and relaxation can help ease your nerves before the appointment. You can even bring some of that mindfulness with you to your appointment. Listen to some soothing music and bring a calming pillow to keep your entire being at ease while the dentist is at work. The procedure will be over before you know it!

Find Professional Root Canal Services with Dr. Justin Raanan Today

Thinking about getting a root canal? Worried that you will have to endure a painful and torturous procedure? You can ease your fears when you learn the facts about this innovative and helpful treatment for an infected tooth. You won’t feel any pain during the process, and a quick recovery time will allow you to enjoy a healthy mouth as quickly as possible. Schedule an appointment with our periodontist in Los Angeles for a personalized treatment plan that can help you stop the spread of infection and decay before it becomes a serious issue.

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